UPDATE! V1.1 is now available

Boss added!

More enemies are added!

WebGL is also now available! 


Storyline and Introduction:

You are the last hope of humanity on your new planet! The game is about a veteran pilot from Planet Alpha, where is away from us about 2 million light years, is under threat by an alien organization called Hell Barbarian. In order to defend the planet and entire solar system, player needs to drive a spaceship to shoot’em all up against hellish army with their spacecraft. Despite the effort from planet’s global government, all remaining spaceships are destroyed by hellish force. Player is the only hope to defend the planet.   

This setting is in very far future (at least 30th centuries) and very far away from our own solar system. Most of us have moved out from planet Earth. We settled in Planet Alpha, it uses to be very peaceful, until the invasion from Aliens. We need to defend our newly settled planet.   The game itself is a top-down slide scrolling 2D game. The tasks are very simple at which you shoot’em all up until reach to the enemies’ core. The boss (named “Hell Emperor”) who is behind the invasion must be defeated in order to save the planet.   

The epic gameplay contains only one stage ( at this moment) but the difficulty will increase as time proceeds. Different classes of the enemy ships will be encountered. The Asteroid can increase difficulty as it is indestructible. The music (soundtrack) and sound effect will also enhance the atmosphere in the game. 

Player has to survive the waves of attack as long as possible. So that the planet will be saved if most of the enemies are destroyed and then retreat. 


Press W, A, S, D Keys to move your spaceship

Press left Mouse Button to fire your gun for single shot

Press and Hold left mouse button to fire your gun automatically


Manager / Team Lead – Kenny Chan 
• Game Designer – Kenny Chan

• Programmer – Carlos_B and GameItaStudio, modified by Me

• Artist (2D, 3D, UI/UX) – Skorpio, Carlos_B, Kryptid, SethByrd, Rawdanitsu, LeBlackout, Graul98, Master484

• Audio Designer  – Matthew Pablo, Pugly, Ville Nousiainen / Xythe / mutkanto, marcelofg55, minininja, teckpow, TinyWorlds

• Level Designer  – Kenny Chan


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