Welcome to my site! Final release of this game is OUT!

Feel free to play it around and give me feedback! I will be appreciated

As this is my final project from my short course, I am doing my best to perfect it! After a month non-stop development, this final version is out! Thanks for lots of support you guys! You are all welcome to test play it and tell me how you feel! Thank you!


Main Goals: 

To beat this game, you must finish the race between 1st and 3rd rank

Get the faster time to complete a lap. (Training only)


You can simply play on WebGL on this site OR

Download the standalone pack for WIN or MAC version..and unzip it from the zip files


Wait for traffic light signal and Press WASD to move your car or spaceship

Note: For car session, you need to press backward  ("S") Key to overcome the backward reaction force of the car when the race starts, since the car jumps a little bit. 

Press "Left Mouse Button" to Boost your car or decelerate your spaceship (since the ship's speed is extremely fast) 

Press C to Change Camera View (First Person view, Standard View and far View)

Compete with other 16 cars or Spaceships while racing!

Collect Coins as many as you can!

Be Careful! All cars (including player car) are now destructible!  Once the green bar of the player car is gone, the game is over! 


  • Manager / Team Lead – Kenny Chan
  • Game Designer -  Kenny Chan
  • Programmer - Kenny Chan (Minor edit and Moficiation only) Jimmy Vegas, Stephen, GPSAS 2d Games, Brackeys
  • Artist (2D, 3D, UI/UX) –NASA,  NIANDREI, VDGames, MyxerMan, Kenny Chan
  • Audio Designer – SpeedJunkie, domasx2, Mike Koenig (Soundbible), tebruno99 Level Designer - Kenny Chan,
  • Gameplay Advisors - Arturo Rico and Simonida Kadic


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WIN_Final_Race_Gameplay_12.zip 239 MB
MacOS_Race_Final.app.zip 257 MB

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